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Marion Gouder

Graduate psychologist Psychotherapist

Services Psychotherapy

  • Affective disorders (disturbance of mood e.g. depression, bipolar disorder, mania etc.)

  • Neurotic, stress and somatoform disorders and behavioral problems (e.g. generalized anxiety, specific phobias, panic attacks, fear of heights, obsessive-compulsive disorder, eating disorder, sleep disorder, sexual dysfunction, etc.).

  • Personality/behavioral disorders (impulse control disorder, emotionally unstable personality, borderline type, narcissistic personality disorder, etc.).


1999 - 2006

Degree in Psychology at the University of Koblenz/ Landau, assistant in adult psychiatry at Klingenmünster, diploma student at BASF Executive Development Ludwigshafen

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  • 2006

    Gesellschaft für Ausbildung in Psychotherapie in Frankfurt (GAP) and Collaboration Klinik Hohe Mark (Psychosomatik), Klinikzentrum Lindenallee (Psychosomatik), Psychotherapeutic activity Institutsambulanz und Praxengemeinschaft Bessungen

  • 2011

    Licensed Psychological Psychotherapist Behavioral Therapy Member of Psychotherapeutenkammer Hessen

  • 2011

    Establishment in own psychotherapeutic private practice

  • 2014 - 2017

    Freelance work as a behavioral therapist at Praxis Dr. Künzel, Deutsche Bahn DB Training as a consultant, a large consulting institute in Frankfurt as a private and business coach (location management), later permanent position

  • 2022

    Part of Facharztzentrum VerifyMED im Junghofplaza Frankfurt with own practice for coaching & psychotherapy

"Until you become aware of the unconscious, it will control your life and you will call it destiny."
C. G. Jung

Challenges and crises are part of life - professionally or privately. The problems are as individual as the people who bring them. However, crises can be opportunities - opportunities for change.

Services Coaching

Getting rid of stressful aversive feelings (worry, panic, shame, loneliness).

Stop or change specific behaviors (saying no, jealousy, clinging, perfectionism, procrastination).

Creating solutions for difficult relationships / situations at work (communication, mobbing, work-life balance, “workaholic”, “burnout”, excessive demands)

Entrepreneurial thought processes (team structure, employee motivation, time management, restructuring)

Help with a decision-making process – professional as well as private (leave or stay, risk vs. safety thinking)

Support or accompaniment in change processes – also in connection with stressful life events (separation, divorce, crises of meaning, job change, dismissal, loss, death, examination failure)

Develop self-awareness (mindfulness, self-care, resource activation, relaxation, stress management).

Psychological stress due to physical illness (high blood pressure, stomach/intestinal complaints, tinnitus, headache, back pain, chronic pain)

Dissatisfaction with the relationship status or in the relationship (love triangle, extramarital relationships, single with partner desire, heartache, desire for separation, sexuality/ desire, desire for children, couple communication, couple coaching, separation support, parent counseling).

Difficulties in the family system (parental counseling in case of mental illness of a child, e.g. ADHD, dealing with separation in the family, learning coaching, parenting coaching, partnership vs. parenthood, divorce issues regarding children (access/custody), conflicts in the family business, dealing with media)