Specialties & Services / Otolaryngology


Jonghui Kim, MD

As a private ENT practice in downtown Frankfurt, we naturally offer the most modern examination options for ear, nose and throat. We will also gladly advise you on snoring problems, and inform you about your allergies. Our video endoscopic examinations of the pharynx and larynx with live images enable us to produce precise diagnostic results. For hoarseness complaints, we use stroboscopy to closely examine the vocal cords. With an ultrasound examination of the soft tissues of the neck, we can identify possible diseases in the neck area and then treat them specifically. Tumor screening and tumor follow-up are also part of our range of services. We are especially concerned about children with language development delays and hearing loss. Therefore, we offer special examinations and therapies to enable your child to develop in the best possible way.

Our individual therapy concepts are tailored to the specific needs of our patients. For chronic conditions, we carefully assess whether surgery is necessary and provide you with an appropriate indication.

The friendly and pleasant design of our practice means a lot to us in order to give our patients a feeling of trust and security. We are convinced that we can offer you the best treatment for your ear, nose and throat problems.