Specialties & Services / Physiotherapy


Theresa Alicia Jagiello

Welcome at VerifyMED and SOKAI, in the Praxis for Physiotherapy & Massages in Frankfurt. No matter whether after surgery, injury or preventive - we represent a holistic approach. The goal of holistic physiotherapy is to improve mobility and treat possibly disturbed physical functions in a natural way. Preventive Trearment is also possible with us at any time.

Our Physiotherapists have a additional qualifikation in “Manuel Therapy” and in „Manuel Lymphatic drainage“.

At the manuel Therapy we use certain mobilization techniques, to get the harmonious interaction between joints, muscles and nerves back into balance in a natural way.

“Manual lymphatic drainage” uses targeted massaging hand movements to relieve the lymphatic vessels, which are responsible for one of the most important transport systems in the human body.

We offer you a special medical massage, which is fitted exactly to your needs. We choose massage strokes from a variety of special massage forms and relaxation techniques and develop our own massage choreographies from them.