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Dr. Michael Janis: Medical practice for cardiovascular diseases in Frankfurt, Germany

The term cardiovascular disease includes all diseases of the heart and blood vessels, also called cardiovascular diseases. These occur in a variety of forms, such as high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis (hardening of the blood vessels), cardiac arrhythmias, cardiac insufficiency and even heart attacks.

Some diseases are the result of a weak heart muscle, while others are the result of disturbed blood flow in the heart itself. Impaired conduction of impulses in the heart muscle tissue, narrowing of the coronary vessels or occlusions in the peripheral blood vessels can also impair the function of the cardiovascular system.

If left untreated, they are usually accompanied by impaired physical performance and lead to further secondary diseases. In Western industrialized nations, they are the most common cause of death. One in two deaths is due to advanced cardiovascular disease.


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