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Dr. Michael Janis: Physician for metabolic diagnostics in Frankfurt

Metabolic processes are controlled by hormones. For example, thyroid hormones regulate metabolic performance (basal metabolic rate), and stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol regulate fat, protein and sugar metabolism. Hormones are interconnected in regulatory circuits, so that, for example, thyroid diseases (most common disease “Hashimoto’s thyroiditis”) lead to complaints that are also associated with disturbances in other hormonal circuits (e.g. cycle disorders). The hormonal system is therefore indispensable for growth, development, reproduction, but also for adaptation to the environment and response to stress and strain.

Frequently, general complaints such as reduced performance, fatigue, exhaustion, sleep disturbances, weight changes, increased sweating, hair loss, loss of libido, erectile dysfunction, potency disorders, states of exhaustion, depressive moods are caused by the malfunction of hormonal cycles. Only their exact coordination allows a statement about hormone deficiencies.

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